Field Rules

1. PLAYER AGE LIMIT: Our minimum age is 10. Players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the field waiver in order to play.  

2. EYE/FACE PROTECTION: Fully enclosed Goggles must be worn at all times while on the playing fields, target range, inside netted areas or while crossing the bridge/dam going to or from the fields. Mesh Goggles and Safety Glasses are NOT permitted.  BB"s will go through the netting (it is designed to stop a paintball considerably larger in diameter than a BB) so please wear your goggles while watching speedball games. Keep your goggles on regardless of the game being over until all players are accounted for and all guns are made safe. Goggles must be ANSI Z87.1 or better rated and be able to withstand a direct hit (1") from a .20g BB at 400+fps. Georgia Airsoft reserves the right to test all goggles before use. Goggles determined to be unsafe will not be allowed to be used. It is recommended that players wear full-face & ear protection.  All Players under the age of 18 must wear full-face & ear protection.

3. NO Metal BBs or Pellets:  Metal BBs or Pellets (hollow, coated, etc.) are not permitted.

4. VELOCITY LIMITS: All AEGs, Spring & Gas Pistols/Shotguns must chronograph below 450fps. All single-shot/semi-auto sniper rifles must chronograph below 550fps. All FPS limits are with .20g BB's.  Any guns that does not chronograph below the safety limit will not be allowed on the field.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

5. MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT: Opposing players are not allowed to close under a 20 foot shooting distance with AEGs, Pistols, Rifles or Shotguns. Players with sniper rifles shooting over 400 fps are not allowed to shoot at opponents closer than 50 feet from the shooter. Players are allowed to make a "safety kill" under 20 feet by tapping out the structure the opponent is in or verbally making the opposing player surrender rather than shooting the opposing player.

6. ELIMINATIONS: A player struck anywhere on their person, including any equipment they are caring on them (web gear, canteens, ammo pouches, hat, etc.) is considered hit and eliminated from the current game. Gun hits and BBs that ricochet of nearby objects do not count as eliminations (If a BB hits a small twig in front of you and is deflected only a few millimeters and still hits you it is not considered a ricochet and you are eliminated. Please use good judgment). Call out hit when you are eliminated and wave your hand or gun to let your opponent(s) know that you have been eliminated. Once eliminated please make your way back to the staging area or designated re-spawn zone. Do not talk to teammates or opponents on your way off the field. It is a good idea to keep a hand up to signal that you are eliminated and call out "hit" before you walk around a blind spot that an ambush could be coming from.

7. SHOOTING: Players are allowed to shoot their guns in the designated shooting areas only. The designated shooting areas are the chronograph/target station inside the netted area and the playing fields. DO NOT shoot any guns in the parking area, staging area or bridge/dam leading to the fields. Guns are not allowed in the safety/staging areas while magazines are inserted. REMOVE THE MAGAZINE FROM ALL GUNS, FIRE 3 CLEARING SHOTS, ENGAGE THE GUN'S SAFETY AND INSTALL BARREL PLUG BEFORE LEAVING THE SHOOTING AREAS. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction while in the staging area with the magazine removed and KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER. Do not shoot at the netting.

8. NO BLIND SHOOTING: You need to see your target. Do not blind shoot over or around bunkers without seeing what you are shooting at.

9. WILDLIFE, TOWN/SPEEDBALL LIGHTS, PEOPLE NOT PLAYING, SIGNS, YARD DECORATIONS, CARS, ETC. ARE NOT TARGETS: If you shoot at these objects/persons on purpose you will be escorted off the premises without a refund.

10. REFEREES AND ELIMINATED PLAYERS ARE NOT TANKS: Do not hide behind or use them for cover. If you do so you will be eliminated from the game.

11. SMOKE BOMBS: Most smoke bombs are not allowed. Please present any that you have to the field staff and they will tell you if they can be used. If the field is dry no smoke bombs will be allowed (fire hazard).

12. GRENADES: Soft objects no larger than 3" in diameter or length and weighing no more than 4oz. (Tennis Ball is perfect) may be used as Grenades. They must be made of rubber or other soft material. Grenades made of hard plastic, metal, wood or other hard substance will not be permitted. A player is eliminated when a grenade is thrown into his/her building or bunker. Players in open areas are eliminated by a grenade that lands within 5 feet of the player. Grenades are NOT to be thrown directly at players. Airsoft grenades that throw out BB's must be approved by the field staff before use. NO PYROTECHNIC OR FIRECRACKER GRENADES ALLOWED!

13. PYROTECHNICS/WEAPONS: Fireworks are illegal in the state of Georgia.
"Grenades" that use fireworks, flash bangs and any other type of pyrotechnic devices are not allowed. Knives are not allowed on the playing fields. Firearms, aka "real steal", are not allowed on the premises.

14. BOUNDARIES: The outer boundary is marked with a yellow rope that runs around the outside of the field. The inner boundary is at the edge of the lakes. Trees marked with orange tape separate the playing fields from one another.

15. YOUR SURROUNDINGS: We strive to make the fields as safe as possible but you must remember you are still in the woods. Stay on the trails as much as possible and if you leave the trails remember there are briars, roots, sink holes and other natural hazards that are present in any woods. While in the towns be aware of splinters, screws and nails in the buildings/bunkers. Stay clear of the boundaries and netting and do not slam into the bunkers. Do not climb trees/bunkers. Only one player is allowed in the towers at a time.  Players on ladders are considered neutral and are not allowed to be shot at or shoot.

16. SAFETY: If you are hurt or see someone get hurt, immediately yell out "SAFETY", cease fire, follow the field staff"s directions and keep your eye protection on.

17. LANGUAGE & AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR: This is field is open to the public. We do not tolerate abusive language or profanity.  Players that instigate fights or aggressive behavior toward other players will be escorted from the premises and banned.

18. NO Alcohol OR DRUGS: Intoxicated guests will not be allowed to play and will be escorted from the premises.

If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian sign you in on game day.  If you are unable to have a parent or guardian sign you in on game day please download the wavier bellow and bring it to the field with you on game day.

All new players will be given a 10 - 15 minute safety briefing before they are allowed to play. 
Anyone placing other participants in danger or repeatedly not following the safety or field rules will be escorted from the property without a refund.